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### Choosing the Right Lowboy Trailer is Essential for Any Hauler!

### Choosing the Right Lowboy Trailer is Essential for Any Hauler!

While it may seem like a straightforward process to those with experience, there are several crucial points that cannot be overlooked. Below, we aim to provide valuable insights to help you choose the best equipment according to your needs and available resources:

1. *Load Weight*: It is essential to consider the weight that will be transported. A light truck requires an equally light lowboy trailer to maximize the permissible load on each trip. For example, a Globe 50-ton trailer weighs around 9,300 kg.

2. *Beam Material and Design*: Ideally, all beams of the equipment should be the same height to avoid problems during transport. Some equipment has higher central beams and lower side beams, creating different ground clearances. It is also crucial that the beams have a "camber or inverted camber" to ensure the durability of the equipment. This feature allows the platform to act as a spring, cushioning the load. Proper load distribution is fundamental, respecting the minimum spaces indicated by the manufacturer for "load concentration." Overloading a smaller area than indicated will damage the material and cause it to lose its characteristics.

3. *Type of Load*: For bulky machinery or structures, the usable length of the lowboy trailer is an important factor. A Globe 50-ton trailer has a length of 7.30 meters and can be adapted according to the customer's needs.

4. *Concentrated Load*: It is essential to verify if the lowboy trailer can support the concentrated load, especially for transporting transformers or mining trucks. Globe equipment can concentrate its maximum load capacity in a 40-centimeter strip (nevertheless, the concentrated load factor should always be verified for each piece of equipment).

5. *Braking System*: Compatibility with the truck's braking system is crucial. If the truck has ABS brakes, the lowboy trailer should also have them. All Globe Trailers equipment comes standard with ABS brakes.

6. *Adjustable Height*: The ability to adjust the height of the equipment is vital for navigating underpasses or overpasses. Globe Trailers equipment features systems that allow for front and rear height adjustment, ensuring safe transit under any condition.

7. *Climbing Slopes and Tight Curves*: To handle slopes and tight curves, it's necessary to have a height adjustment system to prevent the equipment from getting hung up in the middle when turning. There are also optional features for cases of very tight curves with steep gradients. In such cases, incorporating steerable axles is ideal. Options range from basic axles to the best with aerospace technology, such as "pendle axles," which combine hydraulic suspension (the best for transporting heavy loads) and maximum turning radius.

8. *Available Budget*: While it is important to consider the budget available for each project, it is crucial to ensure that the equipment meets all the necessary features to guarantee safe and efficient transport.

9. *Side Extensions*: If side extensions are needed, they should be easy to handle and adequately reinforced. We offer everything from manual, practical extensions to hydraulic ones that can be controlled laterally and longitudinally from a control panel or a wireless remote.

10. *Customer Service and Technical Support*: When choosing a lowboy trailer, it is essential to consider the manufacturer's support in terms of customer service and technical support. Does the manufacturer provide quick and efficient assistance in case of problems or queries? Do they offer solid warranties and after-sales service? Reliable customer service can make a significant difference in the overall user experience and in resolving any issues that may arise during transport.

We hope these 10 points are useful in making your decision! At Glomac America, we are committed to offering you high-quality equipment and a service that provides confidence and peace of mind on every journey.

Thank you, and we are at your disposal to help and support you.


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